Three Palm Trees

Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Studios, would be proud!

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Deborah Fletcher Blum

Deborah Fletcher Blum, an approachable historian and filmmaker, loves sharing her artistic vision.

Real stories brought to life by our creative team. We care about accuracy and entertainment. I have always been an artist and storyteller. I am proud to be part of the historic Laemmle family.  Researching is a passion and I am excited to turn to documentary  filmmaking as an artist, writer and Hollywood historian to tell the untold stories of Hollywood. 

Warren I. Blum

Warren Blum uses a Canon XF100 to shoot a scene for the Carl Laemmle documentary.

A technical wizard, Warren directs, captures amazing footage and crafts our stories as visual and sound editor. He also composes music and plays piano.  A native Angeleno, he grew up in Hollywood and has made several short films and composed music for others. 

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